Við eigum nýja stjórnarskrá!

Við eigum nýja stjórnarskrá!

We demand
action immediately!

We demand that Alþingi honor the result of the 2012 referendum and enact the new constitution.

In that referendum, two thirds voted to adopt a new constitution based on the constitution drafted by the Constitutional Congress. That constitution is a comprehensive social contract. It is not the role of Alþingi to accept or reject specific provisions of this social charter. The nation itself is the ultimate adjudicator of its own constitution and the limits it places on those in power. Not the other way around! We refuse to wait a whole decade for the new constitution to be adopted and we demand that action be taken immediately!

Why a new

  • The people shall benefit from the common resources
  • Nature needs a real protection
  • A transparent administration
  • A personal vote for Parliament elections
  • The right to an adequate and satisfactory health system
  • The equal value of votes
  • Increased protection from violence
  • The protection of media and whistleblowers
  • Referendums initiated by the electorate
  • The right of the public to be informed
  • Animal protection
  • And so on…

We have a new constitution already. Let‘s finalize the project – let‘s sign!

The new constitution in brief